About 10er

*Pronounced "tenner"

Hi, I'm Mikkel Malmberg. I built 10er by and for myself (and my friends) and I still run it through my company Brainbow.

Story time – Back in 2014, my friend Morten and I had a comedy podcast. Our listeners were begging us to please allow them to pay us for our work. Sounds like a good problem to have, yet…

We needed something easy, something reliable, something that didn't require us to do even more work.

We quickly dismissed the idea of moving behind a paywall. We benefitted too much from the reach we had from being free. We also didn't feel we had any great ideas for nor the bandwidth to provide much more content than the episodes we were already putting out.

So, I built 10er. (Why "10er"? I already owned the .dk domain.)

10er would charge our supporters when we published new episodes. That seemed fair. It's just like paying, only after the fact.

From the very first month, our fans jumped on the opportunity – they were even excited to have the possibility! After 3 months we had made enough to upgrade our recording gear.

Today, fans have supported all sorts of projects on 10er for more than $2.3 million.

Like the very first one, many of the projects on 10er are podcasts, but there are also newsletters, video series, non-profits and more.

10er is still completely independent. We don't have investors to answer to. We don't need to become a unicorn to survive. We're happy if you are successful through us, not the other way around.