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Get paid by your loyal fans

Automatic, recurring payments for the work you're already doing

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“ When people donate to Schøtministeriet the project becomes a little bit theirs too. We're on the same team. Now it's OUR show. This is a pretty great feeling!
Michael Schøt publishes a weekly satire news show called Schøtministeriet

The Internet is great. But it can be hard to turn likes into money

You do your project because you love it. On the one hand, you want to share your love with as many people as possible, and it's easiest to share something that's free.

On the other hand, you have ambitions for what your project can and should be. And that requires money. Money for equipment and help. Money for the time you invest.

With 10er you can receive payment for your work without compromising on your reach. Your content remains free to access while your most loyal supporters contribute directly with their credit card.

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“We have from the beginning tried to create an atmosphere where the listeners get a feeling of being in the club. This feeling gets doubled – both in us and the listeners – when they support the podcast. Then we're in it together!
Henrik Qvortrup og Lars Trier Mogensen make the podcast Borgen Unplugged

The benefits of 10er

Creative freedom. You do what you do best and your supporters love you for it.
Financial dependability. 10er is automatic and the payments are recurring. This gives you stability and the opportunity to plan.
Closer contact. Direct connection to your most loyal supporters and those who want the best for you.

Spørgsmål og svar

  • Who's behind 10er?
    10er is made and run by Brainbow, a tiny Danish product studio specialising in building platforms for creators.
  • Can I have 10er alongside my ads?
    Nothing keeps you from having both. We've seen creators have great success with both ads and 10er.
  • What does it cost to use 10er?
    8% of payments + Stripe's fees. If you don't receive any payments then it doesn't cost you anything. Read more on out pricing page.