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Magical Art

Whimsical and wondrous art

Welcome to a world of whimsical and magical art

This is a project for you who love fantasy and painting and who want more of it in everyday life.

I’ll invite you into my magical universe as an artist and creative soul. I’ll give you a pinch of magic and draw you into the beauties of this world. Everything around us has its own magical expression and it is that expression I love to capture and pass on with my brush. It is that process you can follow and all of my whimsical ideas. I love to play with optical illusion and amaze you as the viewer with what you can with craftsmanship and art.

Maybe you will be inspired to try some of my tricks and techniques. You can find me on facebook, instagram, etsy and youtube.

It means so much to find wonderful people like you who will support artists. Without your help it would not be possible to keep up with all the whimsical and magical creations. And the world cannot get enough of them.

Thank you so much for choosing to support Magical Art.

The most loving greetings.

Sara Fog